Realme GT 5G – A Comprehensive Review


Realme GT is a high performance, innovative smart phone from Samsung that has all the features that are required from a smart phone. The phone has been introduced on 4th march next year. The phone comes loaded with various features such as: Geo-location, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, USB, MMS, Web camera, games support, Document Viewer, music player, and many more. The Realme smartphone comes with a 6.5-inch touchscreen screen. The phone also comes with a six.5-megapixel camera that can be used in the digital camera, video camcorder, and the self-portrait mode.

Realme GT5 has a unique multi-sensing camera. It uses the same technology used in the S4 series of LG phones. The photo capture is very fast and the resolution of the rear camera setup is quite impressive too. The phone also comes with a neat GPS application that offers great support for your destination.

We found out that the Realme GT5 has a good quality camera, however the high price range puts it off the top rank. When we compared the cameras of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, HTC Desire HD and Motorola Defy, it became clear that the Realme was way behind the other three in terms of image processing speed, resolution, and photo processing options. The Realme Gt5 did not fare too well in the web tests either. The dual cameras perform okay though and do not disappoint in terms of image quality, but the lack of any optical zoom in the digital photo taking process was a major let down. Despite the rather low price of the Realme GT5, it does have a lot of features compared to the others. realme gt 5g

One of the main problems with this phone is its lack of optical zoom. There is a lot of lens distortion when taking zoomed pictures. This happens regardless of the lens type used, so it is a pretty big issue. For this reason, the Realme GT5G can only record videos in the normal video cam mode and not in the film mode like the others do. The rear camera on the Realme Gt5 does not offer a nice viewfinder, nor does it work well.

We found the Realme GT5 has a nice touch screen which is responsive and responds fast. We also liked how it was easy to operate and navigate compared to other smartphones. The Realme also has a decent display for its price and looks great too. The phone runs on a quad-core processor from Samsung that is also one of the most powerful on the market. It also has a nice packed pack of features including an Adreno processor, Exynastat CPU, and plenty of memory to expand the potential of the device.

We concluded that the Realme GT5G offers excellent value for money given the good performance and excellent build quality. Although the screen size may put some people off initially, they did like the bright colors and sharp images even though they cannot take as many as we would have liked to. The battery capacity of the smartphone is sufficient but if you need more storage, you will find that it cannot supply it. For this reason, you should consider buying a second hand Realme smartphone instead.

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