How to Buy Evaporative Coolers at the Best Price

You are living at the best time in history to buy merchandise at the best price. Twenty five years ago I bought my first evaporative cooler. Evaporative Coolers, or Swamp Coolers as they are also called, are not common enough that you would see sales or advertisements at most stores. This would require people to drive to a hardware store or air mccoy cooler  conditioning supply house to make the purchase. Because of this you often would buy the Cooler at the first store that had them. Now we can sit at home and type in a few words on our computer and up comes dozens, or sometimes hundreds of businesses that offer a product at a competitive price. You can save money buying any product this way.

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the Cooler brand and model number. You may have a brand that you have used in the past and prefer. I prefer Champion or Tradewinds when buying residential Evaporative Coolers. Essick and Champion carry a large line of commercial Coolers. Most people will not remember model numbers of their Cooler. If you are replacing an old Cooler, usually you can find a model number label somewhere on the outside of the Cooler unit. Finding a model number online is very easy. Let’s say you were looking for a residential Evaporative Cooler for a 1500 square foot home. Type in the brand of Cooler that you prefer on Google, Yahoo or the search engine you prefer. I just did this and using Google I got 130,000 results. The first page showed the manufacturers website and 7 businesses with websites that sold Evaporative Coolers. Most of these businesses had a color picture of each Cooler along with description of the Cooler, price, and the size home the unit would cool. Some of these businesses sold larger commercial Coolers as well as residential units. One of the businesses toward the bottom of the first page even had the online brochure exactly like the ones that come with a new unit.

When you see the right Cooler for your home or business I recommend checking at least the first page of businesses which will give you about seven different prices for the Cooler. Make sure you e-mail each business and ask for the shipping cost to your zip code. Even though the Cooler prices may be similar I have seen over a hundred dollars difference in these businesses shipping costs on the same residential Cooler. As you can see it could save you money to spend a little time online while shopping for Residential, Commercial, or Portable Evaporative Coolers

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